Ready to jump into character?
We have all the answers you need to get started.
  • What is Immi Stream?

    immi stream allows you to transform into a movie-quality 3D character for most streaming platforms. Your facial expressions are captured in real time and directly mapped to the character so your friends, fans, and colleagues can experience the fun of you, in character!

  • Which streaming platforms work with immi stream?

    You will be able to use immi stream with Zoom, Twitch, YouTube Live, Google Hangout and any other streaming service that allows you to select an external camera while streaming. On Zoom, for example, you will click the drop-down menu next to the camera on/off button and “immi stream” will appear in the list of camera options.

  • How do I get started?

    You must synchronize your iPhone and your Mac in order to use immi stream. First, download both the mobile app (from the app store) AND the desktop app (from our website). Once downloaded, open the immi stream desktop app. Next, it's time to sync your iPhone. To do this open immi on your iPhone, click on "my clips" in the upper right hand corner, and select "settings." In settings, click on "connect to immi stream." You will see a list of devices on the "invite list" — select your computer and click "done." Voila! Now your face is powering the face of the character you've selected!

    Pro Tips: Prop up your iPhone at eye level — ideally with a phone stand, but a book or box can work too. Also, plug your iPhone into your computer to experience less latency/lag time.

  • What system requirements are necessary?

    Computer: immi stream should work on any Mac computer with a front facing camera (webcam), running either of the two most recent versions of macOS (currently 11 Big Sur and 12 Monterey).

    Mobile Device: In order to power these animations with your face, you'll need to connect with a mobile device running iOS/iPadOS 14.0 or later using an A12 Bionic Chip or later.

  • What apps must I download?

    You will need the iPhone (iOS) app which will capture your facial movements in real time and transmit them to your computer, along with the immi stream app (for Mac OS) which will power the animations on your desktop. Both are required to use immi stream.

  • Is this for Apple products only?

    Yes, we do not support Android or PC at this time.

  • Can I create my own character?

    Not at this time. However, we will be adding more characters in the future including more of our own original characters, along with licensed characters from gaming companies, movie studios, toy companies and NFT collections.

  • Is my privacy and facial data protected?

    Yes. immi stream never stores or has access to your facial imagery. We are simply using the iPhone-embedded facial tracking tools to map those data points to the animated character.

  • How do I use my NFT with immi steam?

    Note that at this time, we are only supporting the My Pet Hooligan collection and support for the Zuck Bots is coming soon.

    First, you will need to create an account and sign-in on the mobile app. This occurs in SETTINGS. Once you have signed in, select “Connect NFT Wallet” which is menu selection within SETTINGS. This will allow us to verify ownership and the character will be downloaded into the characters section. Lastly, you will need to sign-in on the immi stream desktop app which is done within SETTINGS. Now your accounts are synchronized and the characters will show up within the immi stream characters section.